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I don’t travel to brag about where I have been or change the world.

I fund my own travel occasionally working here and there and I carry very little with me.

I hitchhike and camp or coushsurf because I feel like it, and it saves money. I couldn’t travel extensively without doing these things.

Hammock and tarp all the way.

I understand my photos aren’t much good, it’s because I have already broken three cameras hitchhiking. Riding on the back of pick-ups, camping in the rain, just general wear and tear. I just use my old Samsung phone now instead of a camera, I identify as a writer not a photographer anyway.

I’m not brave or crazy. In fact I’m probably the opposite, getting a full-time job, paying rent and committing to a relationship? Now that sounds scary to me.

Having no debt, being single and having no-one depending on me as I make my way around the world, why not? (also I’m Irish and 23).

Currently in South America somewhere, be sure to read my stories, the hitchhiking is great here.

If your also on the road and want to meet up just mail my FB page.

Like my Facebook page for updates.

Over 20,000 km hitchhiked so far roughly, to put this into perspective the circumference of planet Earth at the equator is roughly 40,000 km . Still so far to go.


Up for Sunrise in Transylvania

Up for Sunrise in Transylvania.

Huckleberry Finn style in Batumi after a flood (I made the news)

Huckleberry Finn style in Batumi (Georgia) after a flood (I made the news).

Hitchhiking the coast of Ecuador

Hitchhiking the coast of Ecuador.

Hanging out with Ajax ultras in Amsterdam

Hanging out with Ajax ultras in Amsterdam.



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